EMS TELECOM is an official reseller in Morocco and north Africa of  the V81 antenna.

V81 antenna system offers exceptional value and superior RF performance, ensuring ease of operation on board as well as access to remote support whenever it needed.

Maritime Satellite Communication System including land HUB system, satellite transmitting link、
and ship terminal system.

Ship terminal system is made up of receiving antenna part, SIP phone, ship LAN,Remote Video
Monitoring and Remote Video Conference system.

V61 maritime VSAT installed on National MSA patrol yacht

  V61 maritime satellite VSAT Antenna installed on oil platform auxiliary ship

  V81 maritime satellite VSAT installed on LIANYUNGANG C-K FERRY to be an<br />update for previous V90

  V101 VSAT Antenna installed on large fishing vessel

  V101 maritime VSAT installed on ocean fishing vessel

  V61 maritime satellite VSAT Antenna and S61 TV satellite antenna installed on Bulk carrier